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Depending on what you’re looking for, Hola Cartagena will help get you into the perfect Cartagena vacation rental to suit your needs. With our wide array of condos, houses, and colonial mansions in Bocagrande , the walled city, and even on private islands, we’re guaranteed to have the ideal place for you to call home. You can read our ultimate guide on Cartagena to get a better idea.
There’s plenty of areas to stay in and near Cartagena. We’re not going to waste your time with the less desirable places, but if you have any questions outside of the areas listed below or where to stay during your bachelor party, please feel free to message us.

The Walled City aka El Centro – Closest to the most shopping, restaurants, entertainment and bars, this is definitely the area for convenience. This area is alive with energy. 


Bocagrande – Only 3 minutes outside of the walled city, Bocagrande provides for easy beach access and stunning views of the Caribbean Ocean. Bocagrande has some great shopping as well as a couple of casinos and good restaurants. Make sure to check out the Juan Valdez Coffee store here as well as the Plaza Bocagrande for some shopping. 


Getsamani – Known for its hostels and attraction to backpackers from all around the world, Getsamani is a great area for the traveler on a budget. Allure Chocolat (not a budget hostel) is our luxury go-to hotel when we are in that area. Getsamani comes alive at night with street performances. If you’re looking for great food from street vendors, this is the place to get delicious arepas and other Colombian delights. The bars and restaurants here are only 2nd to the walled city.


Santa Marta – If you’re looking for a night or two outside of Cartagena, Santa Marta is the spot. Located about a 4 hour drive down the coast, Santa Marta is a magical coastal town located near Tayrona National Park and some stunning beaches. This is the perfect place for a nature excursion considering Tayrona National Park is one of the most stunning places in South America.  

Luxury House Rentals in Cartagena, Colombia

$600 Casa Curato Cartagena

Beautiful 4 Bedroom House Old City – Casa Curato

0 review(s) days
$600 Casa Chicheria Cartagena

4 Bedroom Old City Beautiful House – Casa Chicheria

0 review(s) days
$700 Casa Cavalier Cartagena
$700 Casa Castillo Cartagena

7 Bedroom Mansion in Bocagrande – Casa Castillo

0 review(s) days
$4,300 casa de papel Cartagena
$600 Casa Carbonera Cartagena

Beautiful Old City 6 Bedroom House – Casa Carbonera

0 review(s) days
$800 Casa Campo Cartagena

Old City 4 Bedroom Mansion – Casa Campo

0 review(s) days
$850 Casa Blanca Cartagena

Old City 5 Bedroom Mansion – Casa Blanca

0 review(s) days
$1,750 Casa Bella Cartagena

Beautiful 13 Bedroom House in the Old City – Casa Bella

0 review(s) days
$800 Casa Amin Cartagena

Mega 7 Bedroom Luxury Mansion in Bocagrande – Casa Amin

0 review(s) days
$3,300 Casa Tumba Cartagena

13 Bedroom Mansion in the Old City – Casa Tumba

0 review(s) days
$900 Casa Torno Cartagena

Charming Old City 5 Bedroom Chateau – Casa Torno

0 review(s) days
$700 Casa Tamarindo Cartagena

Luxury 4 Bedroom Old City House – Casa Tamarindo

0 review(s) days
$900 Casa San Valentin Cartagena

9 Bedroom Apartment with Jacuzzi – Casa San Valentin

0 review(s) days
$3,200 Casa Sultan Cartagena

15 Bedroom Villa in the Old City – Casa Sultan

0 review(s) days
$950 Casa Quero Cartagena

Luxury 3 Bedroom House in Old City – Casa Quero

0 review(s) days
$700 Casa Sabas Cartagena

4 Bedroom Luxury Mansion in Best Location – Casa Sabas

0 review(s) days
$1,150 Casa HOBO in Cartagena

7 Bedroom Beautiful Mansion in the Old City – Casa HOBO

0 review(s) days
$1,030 Manga Mansion Cartagena
$850 Casa Larga in Cartagena

Beautiful 5 Bedroom House in Old City – Casa Larga

0 review(s) days
$1,000 Casa Don Sancho Cartagena

Stunning 4 Bedroom Old City Mansion – Casa Don Sancho

0 review(s) days
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