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Cartagena, Colombia

The Ultimate Guide To Cartagena, Colombia

September 20, 2020
What is there to do in Cartagena? With just a 5 hour flight from New York City, located off the coast of the Caribbean is the beautiful ...
Best Restaurants in Cartagena

Best Restaurants In Cartagena, Colombia

September 20, 2020
When it comes to dining, our list of the best restaurants in Cartagena was carefully selected. With Cartagena’s diverse culture ...
Best hotels in Cartagena Colombia

Best Hotels In Cartagena, Colombia

September 20, 2020
Hotels in Cartagena vary from extravagant 16th and 17th century colonial masterpieces in the old city, to modern shoreline structures ...
Strip Clubs in Cartagena

Best Strip Clubs in Cartagena, Colombia

September 22, 2020
When it comes to strip clubs in Cartagena, there aren’t as many as you’d think . With all the “clubs” in the ...
buena vida beach

Buena Vida Beach Music Festival

November 26, 2020
Buena Video Beach Music festival will be returning to Cartagena, Colombia for the forth consecutive year in a row falling right after ...
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